Video/Text Synchronization

Maximize the use of your video depositions. Capture every image with video synchronization technology as it directly corresponds to the written text of the transcript. Essentially, the video plays alongside the scrolling text allowing immediate access to both.

Video/text synchronization coordinates the audio and video with the written words of the transcript, making it incredibly simple to review the transcript along with the related images. Imagine being able to capture and review the witness’ every subtle display of hesitation, nervous reaction, and tone of voice as it corresponds directly to the testimony. Much of the ability to evaluate the witness’ credibility and size up your opponent’s case is unavailable to you for any scrutiny without the video record. With the use of video/text synchronization you can have the best of both worlds.

See a video demo of video/text synchronization:

Highlight Bar         Transcript Scroll

Opens Clip List
Toggle Between Play
and Highlight Mode
Search Entry
Video Scroll
Name & Date

Search for any word or phrase in the deposition and locate the video it relates to. Review the entire deposition testimony whenever you wish.

Export segments, produce any desired clips from the video, create montages, and e-mail excerpts to anyone you wish. A useful tool in cross-examinations, witness preparation, and trial presentations.