Internet Streaming Depositions

If you have Internet access, you can take advantage of Internet Streaming.

See a video demo of internet streaming depositions:

Internet Streaming allows attorneys to monitor or participate in a “live” deposition using a computer from a remote site. Internet Streaming delivers the live video stream of the testifying witness as well as a realtime translation of the court reporter’s stenographic notes into English. This enables text to be viewed alongside the video on a divided screen. You can enjoy complete access to the testimony while the deposition is in progress. From any location, you read the text, hear the audio, and see the video stream. You can also send and receive private messages between participants.

Any attorney can participate in the deposition experience no matter where he/she is physically located, saving time, travel expenses, and enjoying the added convenience Internet Streaming offers. A logistic's nightmare can be smoothly handled when dealing with multiple attorneys and parties, all with competing calendars and schedules.

After the deposition is concluded, the video and transcripts are synchronized so you can easily search the text and view the accompanying video simultaneously.

Internet Access and a Gradillas Court Reporter. The Competitive Edge.