Video Depositions

Legal video depositions create a visual record of the deposition testimony. A video recording can be beneficial to any litigation process, and should be strongly considered when scheduling a deposition.

Virtually everyone would rather “see it” for themselves. Even if they claim to be old-fashioned, there’s no substitute for “seeing it with your own eyes and hearing it with your own ears.” The camera captures every subtle nuance and reaction, every answer and hesitation – these are things that are, of course, 100% absent in a written record.

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Reasons to use video at deposition:

This tactic is an excellent method of showing contradictory statements, especially under oath and in full color. Deposition testimony may have taken place a long time before trial, and the tenor and specificity of the answers may be unrecognizable when the witness is answering similar questions on the witness stand. Witnesses often develop improved ways of answering questions they can identify as having been previously asked. The earlier video deposition testimony is often the best opportunity to get useful, unrehearsed live testimony regarding the facts of the case.

Montages (clips or segments) of selected portions of the video record can be created and used at Settlement Conferences, Motions for Summary Judgment, and even for opening and closing arguments to the Judge and jury.

Additional Video Format Options:

No video expedited charges ever - Leave the deposition with your DVD in hand

It is important to remember that the Code of Civil Procedure mandates language that needs to be used in noticing Video Depositions. Go to CCP 2025.230 (c) (scroll down to 2025.230 (c)) or download the language of CCP 2025.230 (c).