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Complex Litigation


Gradillas Court Reporters specializes in complex litigation including the following areas:

Testimony in these types of cases usually is both complicated and challenging. We assign a professional team of skilled court reporters and videographers to facilitate the preparation of these depositions and all related litigation support for you during discovery up to and including Trial Presentations.

The court reporter and videographer both use the latest technologies to deliver the instant capture, analysis and display of testimony and allow you to examine, evaluate and catalog live testimony while the witness is testifying.

Simultaneous communication of text and video is enabled by Interactive Realtime, HD Video Conferencing or by Internet Streaming Depositions. These options are available, each with its own special features and distinct advantages. Remote participants using internet streaming can receive the text, audio and video and even share private messages with any party.

These strategic practices will produce savings in time, money and energy. They are easy to use and create a level of convenience never before contemplated.

To see a Realtime Deposition in action, watch this short Deposition Demo (requires Flash plugin).

Additional services designed to enhance and streamline your complex litigation experience:

Realtime - Provides a rough draft at the end of the deposition for preparation for tomorrow's deposition or for review.

Interactive Realtime - Court reporter cables to the attorneys' laptop which receives simultaneous translation of the testimony. Interactive realtime provides hands-on access to the testimony for highlighting and annotations while the deposition is ongoing.

Video Depositions - Video testimony provided in any format. Instantaneous video service available. You can leave the deposition with your copy of the DVD in hand. No expedited rates are ever charged for video.

HD Video Conferencing - High resolution broadcast accommodating depositions, interviews or business meetings conducted anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide.

Internet Streaming Depositions - Allows for participation in a live deposition from a remote location with Internet access.

Video/Text Synchronization - Incorporates the audio/video with the written text of the transcript allowing for quick searches and evaluations.

Exhibit Linking - Exhibits are hyperlinked to a transcript for quick, easy retrieval and complete access to the desired exhibit.

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